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Why on earth is Manneken Pis the symbol of Brussels?
If, like most Belgians, you have difficulty in answering this question, read “Mannenken Pis’ Big Book”! It’s short, it’s colorful, it’s rejoicing.
And above all, it tells you everything you need to know about Brussels’ most famous rebel!

Many questions arise: why is he so famous? Why is he dressed? Is it a scam?
Or maybe it’s a joke? A Belgian joke, then! And by the way, what’s Belgian humor? Does “Belgitude” really exist?
What if Manneken Pis was a symbol of surrealism? “Manneken Pis’ Big Book” starts from the astonishment of tourists.
It will let you discover why this mini statue is the most representative symbol of Brussels’ mindset.


Manneken Pis' Big Book
Marie-Louise BRUYÈRE, Yoneko NURTANTIO
Everything you need to know about Brussels' most famous rebel!

English | 69 pages
ISBN : 978-9-08-278180-9


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Manneken Pis' Big Book (EN)

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